I Like The Way







(Verse 1)

Everything always looks so good

You don’t know what I’ve been through

I tried so hard to pretend to be cool

Never wanted to make the scene blue

(Verse 2)

While you woke up with illusive mood

I was secretly hiding your shoe

Although I didn’t say I thought you knew

You want to conquer

And I want you

  (Chorus 1)

I like the way you sound so cruel

I like the way you make excuse

I feel your lingering tempting perfume

Leaving me all the bitterness to chew

  (Chorus 2)

I like the way I’ve been abused

I like the way it hurts you too

I know my fantasy always come true

There should be some time when my debt is due

I really owe you

  (Chorus 3)

I like the way how you intrude

I like the way you win I lose

I enjoy the mess you got me into

Fleeting splendid moment that I feel

Crush in mute

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